You saw The Procedure. Now what?

We know that this story is shocking, perhaps bringing back strong memories for many women who have had abortions. You might be thinking, “Can God forgive ME?”
Image courtesy of Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

1.  Seek Forgiveness.

Thank you for watching the video. If you haven't seen it yet, go and watch it now.

We know that this story is shocking, perhaps bringing back strong memories for many women who have had abortions. You might be thinking, “Can God forgive ME?”.  

The answer is always a resounding YES.  That might be hard to believe. Your conscience may be ringing in your ears, “No, it’s not possible.”  The weight of a guilty conscience is too much to bear for anyone.  You, like all who have sinned against God, must seek forgiveness.

Forgiveness always requires confession of sin to God Himself (1 John 1:9).  Confession means “calling sin what God calls it.”  Abortion is murder, the violation of the sixth Commandment (Exodus 20:13).  Forgiveness starts with admitting, “The abortion that I had was the murder of my son or my daughter.”  

Repentance is also very important and connected closely to confession. The word “repent” means to “change your mind”.  You might have called abortion a “choice” or “healthcare” in the past.  Now, you call it “murder”, a “human rights violation” and an “atrocity.”  The word also includes the idea of changing your actions because of that changed mind.  It means that if you had an abortion in the past, you would NOT do it again.  

Kevin Sorbo’s character had a change of mind.  He said, “I will NEVER do that again.”  And he had a change of action.  He quit his job.  

Yet repentance is not enough.  A criminal’s promises to reform and do better do not satisfy the demands of justice.  Someone Else needs to pay for your crimes against God and humanity.  

Someone did pay for the crimes of His people.  His name is Jesus.  Jesus died for sinners (1 Corinthians 15:3).  For a full explanation of who Jesus is and what He did to save His people from their sins, please click here. 

And if you want to talk more about His forgiveness, please click here.

2.  Get Involved. 

Abortion is a major human rights issue, an injustice, a crime against God and humanity.  You might think, “What can I do?  I am just one person.” 

You can start by being just one person who is working with a lot of other people to abolish human abortion NOW. 

It might seem too simple, but you can sign up for the CHOICE42 email updates.  They will tell you about opportunities to help moms who have decided to keep their babies through our outreach.  We vet these situations, refer them to local churches who can help get resources to them and do gift registries to provide for immediate needs.  Our network of local churches extends throughout North America and even around the world.  Signing up for the email list will inform you of these opportunities.  

If you are a pastor, CHOICE42 has developed a section of their website just for you.  It includes resources to educate your congregation as well as inspire you to get involved in this fight.  They can't wait to with you. 

Signing up for the Loor email list is a good way to learn about the future episodes of EXPOSED, as well as the other cutting-edge content Loor is funding and distributing.  

3.  Engage Politically.  

While the political systems differ based on the nation you live in, the ethical principles we use to engage in our respective nations are the same.  Those principles don’t come from weak humans, but from God.  

Once it is established that we are talking about human life from fertilization (and scientifically, that is undeniable) legislation must be written that provides equal protection for life in the womb.  Equal protection means that equal justice must be given.  For example, if a baby is murdered at one week old and the law calls for that baby’s murderer to be charged with murder, providing equal protection means providing the same justice for the baby inside the womb as the baby outside of it.  

In short, it means providing human life inside the womb with the same protections you and I have outside of it. 

A great one-stop shop is the Rescue Those app.  This app will provide you with tools to engage politically and ethically no matter what nation you are from.  The videos, documentaries, and articles there are all based on the timeless truths of God’s Word, not man’s “good ideas.”