The Last of Us Brown Nosing the Homosexual World

The Last of Us was bound to go to the dogs pretty quickly and sure enough, it did. By Episode Three, they have the actor formerly known as Ron Swanson in love with another dude
Image courtesy of Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

If you know anything about the video game, The Last of Us was bound to go to the dogs pretty quickly and sure enough, it did.  By Episode Three, they have the actor formerly known as Ron Swanson(Nick Offerman) for Parks & Recreation in love with another dude and dedicating an entire episode to it.  

CNN has a lengthy article up about all of this, quoting from a writer named Nic Sam:  “I couldn’t have imagined a more beautiful deviation from the canon game content,” said Nic Sam, a writer for the lesbian pop culture site Autostraddle who has long loved the game. “I’m replaying the game along with watching the show, and after watching this episode, I just know I’m going to connect even more to Bill emotionally than I did on previous playthroughs.”

“I just know.”  That’s cute.  Yay!  

In order to get a reaction like that from someone who is essentially an activist journalist, you have to do some serious kissing of butts.  Eighties kids called it brown-nosing.  

Still, some are willing to call this out for what it is.  

In the same CNN article, Scottie Andrew writes, “In their review, writer and filmmaker Juan Barquin said the sudden veer into a straightforward romance in an otherwise bleak series “feels fundamentally opposed to the world (co-creator Neil) Druckmann has created,” and the episode was less of a valuable narrative divergence than “an explicit attempt to court praise.”

“An explicit attempt to court praise.”  

Well, isn’t that what ALL of this nonsense is, from HBOMax’s hideous Velma to almost every Disney film in the last several years? It’s certainly NOT about return on investment.  

It is as predictable as tomorrow’s sunrise. The Last of Us will fall off among viewers. If Nick Offerman wants to kill off his Ron Swanson-esque manly-man typecast I cannot think of a better way to do it than to kiss a dude.  And it doesn’t really matter much how the Leftists crow—his Emmy will be because he’s “brave” and “ground breaking”.  

Surprising no one, the Left is giving him a pass for appropriating sodomy even though Offerman is married (to a girl).  Remember that these same people melted down enough to cancel the Kahn character from King of the Hill (an Asian) simply because he was voiced by a white guy (Toby Huss).  You cannot appropriate races, but apparently appropriating sexuality is just fine with the Left.  

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