Damar Hamlin IS an Answered Prayer

One thing that is not being said clearly is that a general prayer to an unspecified god cannot save anyone.
Image courtesy of Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

As a life-long Buffalo Bills fan, I have been watching the whole story of Damar Hamlin with a lot of interest.  I'm so thankful that he is recovering and doing well.  It IS an answer to prayer.  Seeing the Bills unite in prayer on the field, and so many other NFL teams doing the same, is unusual--to say the least that you can say about it.  

One thing that is not being said clearly is that a general prayer to an unspecified god cannot save anyone.  I don't know who led the prayer when Hamlin was injured or who was prayed to.  The only God who exists is the Triune God of the Bible and Jesus Christ, the Second Person of the Trinity, is the One who saves and heals.  

I believe that Hamlin himself at least professes Christ.  As Christians, we need to point the NFL and its fans to the fact that ONLY Jesus saves.  I hope Hamlin will do this for himself, when he can.

Jesus died for sinners, rose from the dead, and ascended to Heaven where He lives forever and from whence He will return to judge the just and the unjust.  

Josh Allen's (QB) response to the kickoff return for a TD (against the Patriots on January 8th) on the sideline was an encouragement to the whole team that, "God is real!  God is real!"  

That's a great start, Josh.  Which God?  Let's be specific.  He is Jesus Christ, come in the flesh, which we celebrated the week before Hamlin was injured.  

Modern evangelicals seem to be happy with any general reference to a god in popular culture, from our NFL games to “faith-adjacent films.”  Which is why they go gah-gah over projects like The Chosen that minimize the Deity of Christ in favor of His humanity while flirting with Mormonism (in which deity is democratized—it’s so easy anyone can do it).  

In a post-modern, pluralistic, culture we need to be specific.  Painfully, clearly, and controversially specific.  Those who have the guts to do so are faithful.  Those who do not are pretenders.  

If Hamlin had died on the field God would still be real and He still would have come in the flesh in the person of Jesus Christ.  Not one thing about His reality would have been challenged.  And if he had died, Hamlin would have had the greatest joy any human being can have--to be translated into the glories of Heaven, the primary glory being the presence of Jesus Christ.  

Go Bills.