Introducing...FRIDGE MAGNET

Fridge Magnet (noun) - a special tool used to showcase new and experimental art in a person's home.
Image courtesy of Tim Mossholder on Unsplash
Fridge Magnet (noun) - a special tool used to showcase new and experimental art in a person's home.

One time when Jason Farley and I were having lunch with Jon Erwin he said that LOOR is important because it creates a training ground for young right side artists to be battle tested and that is a problem we solve that keeps him up at night.

We've never stopped thinking about that problem.

As we've been building out LOOR over the past three years and, like Jon Erwin, we've noticed right side media does not have a proving ground for young brave artists.

Usually a kid graduates from home school and is forced to become a Hollywood stooge until they get sick of it, or can somehow abandon their dreams and find work on the newer religious talking pony movie.

If by chance they become really successful in Hollywood we have to hire them at Hollywood prices. Or at the expensive requirements of the unions. Even then, the kind of art they can do is limited to what is still respectable and can keep their career.

Or, we wait until they are ostracized and make some big hip hip hooray press release about how they are on our side now.

What we do not have is a way to get artists when they are young, and full of crazy ideas to change the world. We don't have a way to build out new kinds of artists.

We just take the has been and leftovers. Never the pioneers. Never the innovators. Always the ones who are washed up, and then we claim victory.

If you are still reading, this is important, focus on this next point...the future of our nation depends on it...

Every major cultural institution became a cultural institution by finding the odd ball, punk rock, independent and new artists looking to make a name for themselves. MTV Liquid Television, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, Adult Swim, HBO, Pixar, and I could go on. The point is that all of these billion dollar brands (that are now just identity-less tabs on an app) started by finding new talent when they were young and inexperienced and gave them freedom to make what they wanted.

So this week LOOR is solving the problem by creating "Fridge Magnet" our version of Channel 101, Early Adult Swim or Liquid Television...with a Subscriber funded, technological twist.

We've spent three years building relationships with young, counter cultural, artists looking for any way to get their stories out there. They've all been rejected because it was too outside of the box or experimental. No more.

Because of Fridge Magnet, no longer will right side and faith movies be stories of talking ponies, or Hallmark Rom Coms.

Because of Fridge Magnet, the film makers can experiment with monetize and build out new genre's and audiences never before seen reached.

With Fridge Magnet we solved the problem most plaguing the right side film industry. We're monetizing risk. We're monetizing bravery and creativity.

Welcome to LOOR's Fridge. Use your magnets well.