Warner Bros.' Paradigm Shift

If Warner's gamble pays off, you can expect everyone else to follow suit.
Image courtesy of Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

In what appears to be a signal of a major paradigm shift in how Hollywood does theatrical releases, Warner Bros. announced that all of their films in 2021 will be released simultaneously in the theater and on HBO Max. After 30 days HBO Max will stop playing the films and they will remain in theaters (which seems backwards). This is a one year plan for the company.  

Regardless, it's an important news item, especially for people like you who sense an opportunity for investing in a cutting edge, gutsy, Christian streaming service. Because you are right! If Warner's gamble pays off, you can expect everyone else to follow suit.

Now is the time to build the next big thing in media. Now is the time for Kingdom-minded Christians to set a new standard in excellence. In 2020 there were 4+ million new start-ups registered with the Federal government. Everyone senses that there is an opportunity to make money with new tech as a result of the culture shift.

So why LOOR?

This week has been a big week for LOOR. We interviewed one major content creator and heard his pitch. When you find out who it is, you're going to geek. We secured a financial commitment from our first major investor. And we have been talking with a respected Hollywood agent about two film ideas for one of his clients.  

If you're an accredited investor with $50k+ on tap, you need to invest here. This is your shot. Don't waste it. Reply to this email and lets talk - we have a SAFE round in motion and are ready to discuss terms, sign docs, and receive funds.