Snow White, A Victim of Stupidity

You have heard of fake outrage. Well, there's fake outrage and then there's plain, old-fashioned stupidity.
Image courtesy of Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

You have heard of fake outrage.  Well, there's fake outrage and then there's plain, old-fashioned stupidity.  Granted, most fake outrage is stupidity by definition--note the word "fake" coupled with the word "outrage."  But every now and then our brainless American pseudo-Puritanical values system displays itself as blatantly as a hooker on Bourbon Street.  

We have one such example in the online uproar over the new Snow White ride at Disney.  Someone wrote a review of the theme park attraction and someone else noted how Snow White was kissed by Prince Charming without her consent.  

Surprising to exactly no one, the discussion has moved into the mainstream to the degree that even the pundits at Fox News are mocking this fake morality. If you want to make the news, be offended.  Be very offended.  

We are not one to be left behind in a pile-up on the latest cultural stupidity, so here goes:

First off, let's be clear, rape is sin.  Granted, Prince Charming didn't rape Snow White--he kissed her, thus saving her life.  It's only the feminists who are acting like Mr. Charming ripped her clothes off and violated her when he kissed her at the end of the story.  If 1930’s Disney was held to today's standards, he would have been named Prince Creepy.  And then he could run for President.  

The Old Testament law prescribed the death penalty to rapists (Deuteronomy 22:24).  Don't hold your breath waiting for feminists to demand THAT standard.  

Just to be clear, we do not advise that you run around kissing sleeping women.  YOU are not Prince Charming, no matter what your online dating profile says. That kind of behavior will get you in trouble, mister.  

Second, let's acknowledge that Snow White and Mr. Charming are animated characters in an animated fairy tale.  It's a STORY, part of the folkLORE of Western civilization.  The story appeared in the first edition of Grimm's Fairy Tales in 1812. The story is not meant to make a comment on consent.  It is a comment on the power of true love (as misguided as the Disney version of it has always been).  True love between a man and a woman (let's not get started on what these ninnies want to do with THAT concept) is stronger than death and vain witches.    

In this case, the cancel mob has committed a crime: slander, insinuating a crime that never happened.  Mr. Charming is only guilty of being hopelessly romantic.  As is anyone else who enjoys the story.

Third, expect the cancel mob to go after any film that portrays any man as the hero.  Unless the man is struggling with his sexuality and has begun chemical castration.  It is as if the feminists looked into their magic mirror, asked it which story is the "fairest one of all" and it replied, "Snow White."  Off they went to their boiling caldron and bright, red apple.  

Four, expect some sort of warning label on the film on Disney+.  For them, it won't be offensive enough to remove from their platform because they know people want to see it.  It's a classic in Disney film and in animation.  

Don't eat that apple.  Snap out of your coma.  We won't kiss you awake, but we can slap you in the face with some truth.  Here it is: men are created to be heroes.  Here it is again: the point of story is the point of the story.  It is not the meaning we are trying to read into it ninety years later.  

Don't eat that apple.  Help us build something better than Disney--something that will present beauty from the perspective of The Story.  We seek courageous investorsaccredited for $50k or more to help us build the platform that will deliver stories inspired by The Story of Christianity.  

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