Now We Know Where Daily Wire’s Line Is

We seek artists who want to cross The Daily Wire’s line-in-the-sand. If that’s you, talk to us.
Image courtesy of Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

Whether you don’t care about the Steven Crowder\Jeremy Boering\Daily Wire debacle, what side of it you fall on, or which flavor of Kool Aid that you drink, one thing has become painfully clear.  

At least now we know where Daily Wire’s proverbial line-in-the-sand is.  

And it is NOT where anyone thought.  Not even close.

Boering and Crowder have made it unarguably clear that DW will not abide by their creators making anything conservatively offensive enough to risk social media platform bans, shadow bans, or advertisers cancelling their contracts.  It was in Crowder’s contract and he showed the world.

At Loor, their bashfulness regarding controversial content is old news.

How do we know?  We submitted a news item about a year ago to The Daily Wire regarding The Procedure, our animated short that actually depicted a second trimester abortion.  It was animated by artists who have done work with Disney and the voice over was done by Kevin Sorbo.  It was communicated to us that they would not be doing a story on it because we’re the competition.  

Read that last sentence again and ponder it deeply. The Daily Wire thinks a startup company that has raised a little less than $1M in investment is a THREAT (ooh, it gives me shivers).  If you listen to Boering talk about his relationship with Crowder and the other neo-con outlets, they’re best buddies and are happy to help those who are “in the fight.”  As long as you don’t cross the line.

Just before The Procedure launched on Halloween 2022, I sent another email to contacts at The Daily Wire.  It was just days before the hotly contested midterm election and abortion was a hot topic in those races.  I’d like to tell you that they replied with, “Hey, this is important.  We’ve had a change of heart. We’re happy to help.”  That would have been cool and I would have geeked out a little.

No.  In fact, there was no answer at all.  

This video was not behind a paywall.  It was posted for free by organizations all over social media, as well as on CHOICE42’s platform and our platforms.  For FREE.  No contracts were signed with those who shared it—FREE. Did I mention it was free?  

It was viewed at least 1.1 million times in seven days, without their help.

And now we know why. I mean, when I posted it to Facebook I was ready to go to Facebook jail and\or lose my account altogether.

The big con is the idea that these neo-cons are champions of free speech, conservative moral values, and that they will do “whatever it takes” to “win this fight.”  They’ll duke it out with the CEO’s of YouTube and Facebook a la John Wayne’s swagger.  And win, pilgrim.  

(Cue the starry eyed girl in a prairie bonnet looking up at the cowboy who has rescued her from being tied up on the railroad tracks—”My heeeero!”)

Folks, we’ve been had.  If their artists are penalized for offensive swash-buckling by big tech, they will help out by penalizing them twice and then shrug it off as the cost of doing business.  At Daily Wire, you can have it in writing.  Or in a 50 minute YouTube video.  

If nothing else, we know where their line is—anything that could offend big tech.  Ya know, like abortion.  

We seek artists who want to cross The Daily Wire’s line-in-the-sand.  If that’s you, contact us here.  

If you prefer bowing the knee to the idol of big tech, I can recommend a place in Nashville.