Streaming Ditches The Golden Globes--Who Cares?

Netflix, Amazon Prime, NBC and Tom Cruise have all abandoned The Golden Globe Award ceremony, supposedly because of the lack of diversity within the HPFA.
Image courtesy of Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

Netflix, Amazon Prime, NBC and Tom Cruise have all abandoned The Golden Globe Award ceremony, supposedly because of the lack of diversity within the HPFA.  

The American populace can be forgiven for not caring.  

Perhaps the streamers haven't been paying attention, but The Oscars had the worst rated show in the history of the ceremony.  Hollywood's obsession with social justice navel gazing does not translate into viewers.  

They can act like little things such as ratings do not matter.  But streamers track analytics more than anyone in this industry.  Behold the revolving content door at Netflix, for example.  

So what gives?  Why are the rats jumping off of The Golden Globes ship like it's the Titanic?  

I do not have any inside information on this one but I do believe that all signs point to the cluelessness of the entertainment industry.  At this point, it would sound bad if Hollywood admitted they have a problem after the well documented financial losses through the pandemic.  With their premier award show posting record low numbers, they don't want to put up a repeat performance.  Blaming it on a lack of diversity helps them save some face with their narrative.  They just are not smart enough to admit that no one is buying the crap they are selling.  

God often sends judgment on nations and in this case, an industry, by blinding them to what is staring them in the face.  The problem with Hollywood is not diversity.  The problem in Hollywood is their anti-Christian biases, their Epsteins, their Weinsteins, and every actress that hopped onto a casting couch to get a job.  Hollywood has been controlled by pervert reprobates for as long as anyone can remember.  

The industry is filled with reprobates at the top of the food chain who prey on everyone coming into their ecosystem.  It has been exposed, but rather than blame good, old-fashioned sin they are blaming white privilege.  Rather than listen to the talented Christians in their midst, they are being purged from the industry by executives who threaten them with pink slips if they do not toe the SJW line.  They will continue with that narrative until they have nothing left but talentless, slack-jawed idiots whose spines have been replaced with a hinge that only allows them to nod their heads in agreement.  

Creatives are waking up to this reality because they are living it.  The proverbial handwriting is on the wall.  Whether investors will wake up in time to see the opportunity that exists here to build something better is another issue.  Content is not the hard part at the moment.  The hard part is convincing Christian investors to attack this opportunity with something other than a Kevin Sorbo version of Left Behind or another Kirk Cameron film with the Kendrick Brothers.  It's time to move beyond the pot boiler method of doing Christian film and do something completely different.  

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