Conservative Confusion

This week, in addition to being called a PR flack, my research skills were called into question by a conservative journalist.
Image courtesy of Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

This week, in addition to being called a PR flack, my research skills were called into question by a conservative journalist who I contacted with some of our copy.  The name is withheld to protect the guilty.  

Apparently he was deeply offended that I did not recognize that he only writes about conservative politics and doesn’t care a wit about a conservative tech startup that is an art house for Christian filmmakers.  I think he used the word “artsy”--including the quotation marks. Never a good sign when you’re not actually quoting anything. I’m triggered. Pity me.

Nevermind the fact that Loor has a political drama series about the suspect 2008 Wall Street bailout called Capital, featuring former FDIC head Bill Isaacs and politicos from both sides of the aisle. His own research skills do NOT include clicking links because he does not research “artsy” film distributors, darn it all.  

HE has self published a book!  HE writes a column for a conservative news outlet! HE will save the world from the Reds!  Or is it the Blues?  It’s so hard to keep up.  

What follows is a quote from one of my email responses to him.  You will recognize this because of the quotation marks.

  • “The reason we are losing ground in the culture war is not because of facts and data.  The reason we are losing is because the Left knows how to tell stories, and we do not.  Talking head news shows are echo chambers that meet big tech's algorithm.  And we end up preaching to the choir.  

  • After you and I are gone, our grandchildren will be goose-stepping to the oldies and wondering why we didn't fight this battle with the right weapons.”  

And there it is. The disconnect between conservative facts and data guys and…what it takes to win.  You can bury the Left with facts and data until the cows come home but honestly, as long as they have control of entertainment media (Disney, Netflix, Amazon Prime, PBS, Nickelodeon, etc., etc.) they control the narrative—they are literally writing narrative.  They write their content to entertain and we write our talking heads shows like an entry in the Encyclopedia Britannica and then wonder why it is that no one reads our stuff.  

You’re kidding, right?  The products of government schools and state universities cannot and will not care about our carefully crafted, logical, and accurate statements of fact as long as you can get them to giggle at Rick and Morty.  

If you’re accredited and ready to invest in a tech company with all kinds of momentum, we are working to close out a SAFE round.

If you think spitting facts and data into an echo chamber is the way to win friends and influence people, drop me a line and I’ll send you the link to this guy’s book on Amazon.  


Your Friendly, Neighborhood PR Flack.