Loki's Gender Fluid

"Loki's gender fluid!" Well of course he is. He's the villain. The bad guys are evil. Getcha some Leviticus 20.
Image courtesy of Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

"Loki's gender fluid!"  Well of course he is.  He's the villain.  The bad guys are evil.  Getcha some Leviticus 20.  

They used to wear black in the cowboy films.  If you weren't sure of Loki's place in the Marvel universe, now you can be sure.  "Dude looks like a lady" (with apologies to Aerosmith).  It's the new black cowboy outfit.  

Not that we have anything against black cowboys.  Our CEO is as black as Obama.  

Gender fluid is the new black (cowboy outfit).  

They've clarified everything: "Gender fluidity is evil."  Got it.  Thanks, Disney+!  

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