The Oscars go for Broke

The 93rd Annual Oscars was the worst rated in history. Dropping from 20+ million last year to an abysmal 9 million or so in 2021.
Image courtesy of Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

The 93rd Annual Oscars was the worst rated in history. Dropping from 20+ million last year to an abysmal 9 million or so in 2021.

Hollywood will certainly blame COVID on the lack of Oscars viewership, and there is a case to be made. Most people can barely remember the last movie they saw on the big screen.

But don't let this be a distraction from the real reason. You see, most Oscar winners are not even watched until AFTER the Oscars. This is why the Oscars are so important; because it actually creates a market and promotes a lot of free advertising to lesser known, well made films that don't get the big Hollywood marketing budgets. Most potential Oscar nominated films are rushed out the last week of December with very little fan-fare just so they can qualify. It's not until AFTER the Oscars that the winners are given wider nationwide releases, or in most cases, given rushed delivery to DVD or streaming.

I would propose that, although the lack of any movies being released in the theaters may have caused a drop in the ratings, most of America doesn't really care about Hollywood spending an entire five hours or more (if you include the pre-game), talking about how woke and liberal they are.

There's a saying that continues to ring true, I would argue it's as foundational as any law of economics. Get Woke. Go Broke.

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2019 - 29.6 million
2020 - 23.6 million
2021 - 9.85 million— Breaking911 (@Breaking911)
April 26, 2021

As the tweet from @Breaking911 states, the Oscars ratings have been declining long before COVID. People are complaining about out of touch celebrities prospering off of capitalism, while using their thank you speech to openly reject it long before COVID.

Due to COVID, because of Black Lives Matters and Critical Race Theory inserting itself into every single aspect of our nation, this year has been the most woke year in Hollywood yet.

Not a single movie or TV show lacks a woke message, including the acceptance speeches.

The steep ratings decline makes it clear that the American people are tired of Hollywood. COVID, for all the damage it has done to this nation economically, has made people less reliant on Hollywood. People are looking to other avenues of entertainment.

LOOR is building the stage to become that other avenue. It doesn't take an economist or in depth consumer behavior model to look around and realize that the tide is turning. The only question is, if given the opportunity, how would you help? Are you an accredited investor? Are you a talented artist?

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