Instagram's TOS & Deplatforming

Cancel culture will be permanent for those targeted.
Image courtesy of Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

JP Sears has made a pretty nice living doing satire on YouTube and across social media. Recently, he has taken aim at Instagram's Terms of Service and has exposed what amounts to be one of the most diabolical attempts at invasion of privacy ever recorded in the annals of social media history.

We don't know how long Sears will be allowed to continue on any social media platform after this, but he has done his viewers a real service. If they act quickly, they can save their privacy right down to what they look like on the toilet.

Since Facebook owns Instagram, any self respecting content creator owes it to himself to consider whether or not they will HAVE a platform from which to produce content in the very near future. Cancel culture will be permanent for those targeted. Make no mistake: the powers that be HATE you and all you stand for.

Help us rescue the cancelled and preserve freedom of speech. Help us build a platform that cannot be cancelled and which will promote free speech in video streaming  Now is the time to build; not after we are all cancelled.

If you are accredited for $50k investments or higher, we'd love to talk to you about the opportunity at LOOR to crush this culture and rebuild for the glory of King Jesus. Drop us a line — let's chat.