Down With The Stuffed Suit Tyranny!

Filmmakers, unite! Down with the tyranny of the studio stuffed suits!
Image courtesy of Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

Filmmakers, unite!  

Down with the tyranny of the studio stuffed suits!

Tell them, “I’m not playing your game. You cannot have my IP for a fraction of what I paid to make it OR for a tiny percentage of what YOU make from it!”.

Go on, tell them!  You can do it!  We believe in you.

Tell them, “I’m tired of it. I’m not running a non-profit here. I don’t pay my bills on the basis of my good looks!”.

Keep your IP. Budget at least some of your own profit, and then market the rest. Build a career. Do it the old-fashioned way—build it yourself.  

Go fund yourself.

When you fund yourself, stream from the same platform you fund on, and keep your rights to the production; well, that’s a recipe for success.  Long term success.  

It’s not an F-word.  Well, technically it IS an F-word, but it’s not THAT F-word.  

Is it work? Yes, it’s hard work. Building something from scratch is a lot harder than gambling on a one-hit wonder to sell to someone else. Someone who will only do as much for your project as they promise in a contract.

As a filmmaker you should want more than that.  You need a funding\distribution platform that will fight FOR your freedom to create and profit from it. You need a company that tells you to love God and make what you want.  

You don’t need another stuffed suit trying to buy your idea and maybe your soul in perpetuity, in this universe and any other alternate universe that has not been discovered yet.

Down with the tyranny of the studio stuffed suits!!!

Tell them, “Up Loor.