Changing the World

There's nothing like a draconian threat to go with your morning coffee in 2020.
Image courtesy of Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

LinkedIn has released an article titled, "24 Big Ideas That Will Change our World in 2021". Of these 24, 6 of them are important to you since LOOR fits all 6 nicely.

"Tech That Makes Us Feel Safer"

Of course, the question of whether or not the tech actually MAKES us safer is another discussion. Putting that aside for now, consider this: "Would a streaming service that streams quality content to your living room couch make consumers FEEL safer when the mainstream media is stirring the populace up into a wild eyed frenzy?" Asked and answered.

"The vaccine won't let us out of social distancing in 2021."  

In fact, NPR reported this morning that Dr. Fauci said that we aren't "going back to normal" until the end of 2021. This has direct ramifications for another point later on, but it also relates to the previously mentioned point. It is "Exhibit A" filed under "Media Frenzy." All theaters will be effected whether Amazon buys them up or not. If you are social distancing, quarantining in place, and closing restaurants and bars, what are you doing for entertainment? LOOR has an idea.

"In 2020 companies promised racial equity. In 2021 they will be held accountable."

Ooooh, it gives me shivers! There's nothing like a draconian threat to go with your morning coffee in 2020. Of course, they mean held accountable by investors. Unless you happen to be an investor in LOOR where cancel culture's loss is our gain. We'll give those currently beholden to Big Hollywood a place to land when they're cancelled for whatever sin, "crime", indiscretion, or Tweet. Christianity is about forgiveness and it's about redemption. This is an opportunity to not only acquire content, it's an opportunity to share and demonstrate the Gospel to a formerly hostile industry. It's time to reach out.

"For leaders, character will be everything."

Everything? OK. How about a team of five partners that includes a pastor, a former pastor, a former street preacher, a Christian entrepreneur and former street evangelist, and an experienced Christian CTO, all of which have referred to the Bible as the standard in their founding documents?

"The pandemic will release a new wave of entrepreneurs."

You don't say?

"Streaming will eat and then transform the movies."

Read that sentence again. Two more times. OK, that's enough. Now write us a check. We also take plastic, PayPal, barrels of oil, keys to your Lexus, real estate, etc.