Entertainment Journalism is Dead

It’s hard to tell what motivates Hollywood when it comes to the pandemic.
Image courtesy of Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

It’s hard to tell what motivates Hollywood when it comes to the pandemic.

It’s either “National Conscience” or “Socialist Revolution.”  Gambler’s choice.

However, when the entertainment industry journalists use old news to try to create a bigger panic within the culture, journalistic integrity goes straight out the window.  Whatever was left of Journalism is now dead, as they say.

Consider the list of films, TV shows, and musical acts that have been put on pause, according to an August 24th article in Us Magazine, by Dory Jackson.  

There are a few shows in the list that are current, but most of these are old, ancient, pre-historic news since they deal with decisions made that we have already written about since 2020.  

What’s the play here?  Why make this list so long, neglecting to clarify whether we are talking about executive decisions from 2020 or 2021?  Why confuse the reader with a mountain of old news mixed with a few current items?  For example why write about the delay of the 2020 Olympics (as if its future) AFTER the rescheduled Olympics took place last month?   Or Universal’s 2020 slate of films delayed?

In short, how stupid do they think we are?

I contacted Dory and she very graciously replied (quickly) and explained that Us Magazine tends to update old galleries rather than rewrite. She wrote the original in March 2020 and no longer works for Us.  As Us adds to the content, apparently they don’t update it.  Ms. Jackson is a professional.

Why would Us Magazine do that?  

So I sent an email to the editor of Us for an answer.  At least I sent it to the address listed on the website’s FAQ and it bounced back.  Apparently the editors of Us don’t really care about communicating with their readers.

Left with no way to contact them, I can only presume based on what we see in the culture.

The narrative of the moment is: the pandemic is god. The god of government will save you. The great god Fauci will show us the way. Their prophet, “The Media” will tell us how and when to panic.  The mythology of the moment is well developed and well funded.

I suspect, but cannot prove, that Us is a willing accomplice to this narrative. If that’s true, it’s an example of the media elite using an accumulation of old news to make you think that the present variation of the virus is much worse than ever before.  It’s the bubonic plague, the Black Death, the end of all things.

LOOR isn’t playing this game. We’re not interested in supporting narratives to create fear. You’re not going to see a press release from us detailing how we delayed distribution because someone might get sick. We think filmmakers should love God and make what they want. We also think they should fear God and be free to make their own decisions about masks and mandates.

We won’t dictate how they decide to love their neighbors. That is between them and the only God who exists, the God of the Bible.

If you are working in the industry and would love a fresh approach to film during a plague year (and a half), please fill out our contact form for creators.