The Secret Sauce: Fun

At Loor, we have the secret sauce. In an entertainment company, it ought to be obvious. It’s that magic ingredient: fun.
Image courtesy of Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

At Loor, we have the secret sauce. In an entertainment company, it ought to be obvious.  It’s that magic ingredient: fun.  

Church ladies investing money to fund a film is so 1986.  

And let’s face it.  It doesn’t work.  You might pay off the investors (maybe), but do they make money very often?  Not so much. **

But what if…….

What if you could fund feature films, docu-dramas, and TV series with your subscription fee?  What if you could CHOOSE which projects get funded and which get rejected?

“Well, that’s a little more engaging.”

And what if the platform that funds the movies is also the place where they are streamed? Exclusively?  

“Go on, I am listening.”

And then, what if these funders could get behind the scenes footage of filming the projects, updates from the creators, interviews with the actors, WHILE the projects are being made?

“That would be lit.”

Indeed. And then what if your subscription was turned into credits that not only fund the projects, but is also incentivized so that you could earn more credits for free—free money—to spend on funding more projects? Isn’t that more interesting than waiting for some rich boomer to fund films that may or may not be good?  

“When do you launch?”

You can keep track of it here.  

**It’s not like we are against investors. We need them. At Loor, we believe that investors spend their hard-earned money more wisely if, rather than just investing in one movie, they invest in a platform that makes all the movies, and has more potential to earn them actual return on investment.  It’s not often that a Christian film becomes a blockbuster. For that matter, it’s not often that Christian filmmakers turn a profit.   Invest in the company that helps make and distribute ALL of the films, not in just one film.