All Movies are Pre-Revenue

What's the bigger risk?
Image courtesy of Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

What's the bigger risk?

I spoke to a guy this week that works with investors to raise money for films. This guy raises big money. Millions of dollars. For one movie.

He told me he hopes what we are doing is successful, but wasn't the guy who was one to invest in companies' pre-revenue.

Afterwards, I meditated on the call.  I thought that the call was strange because every movie he invests in is pre-revenue.

Over the past year I have seen several pre-revenue pitch decks, not for silicon valley businesses, but for movies. Sometimes we get nothing more than a script. Sometimes we get nothing more than a few images and a log line. But these punk rock, rebel film makers are all starting with the same amount of vision that fills silicon valley’s incubator apartment buildings.

A script is no different than code.

Software is made the same way as a movie. Visionaries huddled over a laptop, late at night with lots of coffee.

George Lucas was living in an one bedroom apartment when he was shopping Star Wars wit just a 12 page treatment.

Minecraft was made by one guy in a basement. It sold for two billion dollars.

Amazon is worth a trillion dollars and it was started in a garage. No single company can buy it.

The point is, any new technology company or movie is a risk.  They all start pre-revenue.

So what would happen if those same investors who dump millions into a single movie, put millions into a platform that could make ALL the movies?

A platform that could make any movie it wants WITHOUT Hollywood? A platform that is not dependent on whether or not people feel safe to go to a movie theater?

When LOOR succeeds, we will change the way movies are made.

At this point LOOR is a lot more than an idea on paper. We're a lot more than just a few lines of code. We've signed contracts. We are launching with sitcoms, animated series, movies and documentaries. We've written code, designed the user interface and are prepping for launch.

So why are you investing in one movie, when you can invest in the technology to make any movie?

We're seeking accredited investors that want to change the entire movie industry. If this is something you want to do click here and fill out our questionnaire.