What’s Up with SONY & The Goldbergs?

Jeff Garlin, the “dad” of the hit sitcom The Goldbergs, is OUT immediately, after a HR investigation by SONY.
Image courtesy of Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

Jeff Garlin, the “dad” of the hit sitcom The Goldbergs, is OUT immediately, after a HR investigation by SONY.  

While this is probably shocking to just about everybody, Garlin has been “spoken to” by SONY regarding his on-set behavior as recently as three years ago (tongue-in-cheek).  

So the producers\distributors had an issue with one of the assets of the show, they’ve been working on it for over three years, and suddenly it’s so bad that he has to be fired immediately without finishing the season?  

It was bad enough when George Segal tragically died and they scrambled to rewrite Judd Hirsch more prominently for a less lovable grandpa character.  But whatever the writers are being paid to cover for this one is not enough.  Give them a raise.  Divorce or death isn’t great chemistry for a comedic story arc.  

Was he raptured?  OK, that works.  

According to an interview with Vanity Fair on December 3rd, the issue is that he’s too silly on set.  Garlin said:

“We’re trying to come to a place where we come to an agreement. Either I can behave the way [they want] or not. We’ll see, but I’m not being fired and I’ve not been fired… When I do shoot more days, just to make it go smooth, I will not be doing any of my silly stuff or anything, out of respect.”

Hey execs, work it out for crying out loud.  What exactly are YOU paid to do?  I suspect the rest of the talent already has worked it out since they’ve been filming the best sitcom anywhere for about three years!

Now if it turns out that Garlin is the Andrew Cuomo of prime time, okay then.  Somehow, that’s doubtful since the #metoo movement is older than three years.  It seems even more doubtful in our litigious climate.  

If it IS sexual harassment, then what does that say about SONY if it took them three years to do something?  Bearing in mind that SONY is about as LGBTQ+ affirming as any company on the planet?  Moral standards are not their strong suit.  

And, by the way…hey Pureflix!  Pay attention here.  If they’ll do this to their best show, what will they do with your faith based productions?  

There might be too many questions and not enough answers at this point.  Suffice it to say that when there are no standards at all, everyone does what is right in their own eyes, even if doing so looks something like entertainment suicide.  

You cannot make decisions at all, or even have a discussion about them, if there is no standard. Hollywood has no rudder. Pureflix may have one, but SONY has its hand on it.  

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