Trust the Process

When Sean McDermott, the head coach of the Buffalo Bills, came to Buffalo he coined a phrase with the Bills Mafia -”Trust the process.”
Image courtesy of Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

When Sean McDermott, the head coach of the Buffalo Bills, came to Buffalo he coined a phrase with the Bills Mafia—”Trust the process.”  

McDermott was on staff with the Carolina Panthers when they went to and won the Super Bowl. He knew the process of building a contender from the inside. When he and Brandon Beane (General Manager) came to Buffalo they began the process of building a championship team for a city that has not had one since 1965 when they won the second of two AFL championships.  

One Josh Allen, a number of other incredible draft pick-ups later, and in their fourth playoff appearance since the drought--the Bills Mafia “Bill-ieves.”  

The average evangelical movie-goer--and in some cases--the average evangelical investor does not understand what we are trying to do.  Evangelicals have been groomed to see films as one-off investments.  “Invest in my film and you might have the next ‘God’s Not Dead’ or ‘The Chosen’ and your one-time investment will hit it big.”  

I suppose that that kind of investment can technically still happen.  Someone, somewhere may have the next faith-adjacent block buster, but they are few and far between.  

The truth is that most evangelical filmmakers approach their art with a non-profit mentality. The investors are even courted on the basis that it’s worth the loss if the gospel is somehow alluded to in the film.  When filmmakers and distributors are dishonest about the cost of marketing (calculated separately from the cost of production, the Hollywood standard) the illusion of return on investment looks something like a full harvest moon when it is low on the horizon.  It is an illusion.  

But what if you didn’t invest in one film, but helped build a company that invented a new way of making all of the films?  What if that company was a tech company that found a way to “gamify” film funding and distribution?  You know video games, right? Well, the same demographic that historically has spent the most money at the box office spends the most money on gaming.  

That is what we are doing at Loor.  It is a better opportunity than a one-off, one-hit wonder.  

Now, a word to the Loor Mafia.  

In order to get there, we must do as every tech startup does. We have to build this in stages. It’s not cheap to build a contender.  The first stage was to raise investment and build to a beta test.  We did that last spring and the data was impressive. Since then we have been in our second round of investment and have begun collecting second round investors. Now our tech team is building our first season launch.  The process will continue stage by stage over the course of years until we have built something that is more than a company or a service.  We are looking to build a brand.  

Everyone wants the vision we are casting yesterday.  Bills fans want a Super Bowl last year.  

Trust the process.  

If you want to invest in the process, please fill out our investor form here.  We seek accredited investors for a second SAFE round of investment.