The Best Animated Short Goes To...

Laura Klassen (Choice42).
Image courtesy of Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

Laura Klassen (Choice42).  

You have probably heard of her, or at least you've seen her pink hair satire video shorts (Just Sayin' Series) on social media.  She's done the "Magical Birth Canal" and "No Uterus No Say."  This series has made her the leading anti-abortion voice in Canada and is rising in the North American ranks, much to the annoyance of BOTH sides of the debate about abortion.  

She's a disruptor.  Exactly the kind of content creator we love at LOOR.  We are not looking for pro-life films which serve as marketing\proselytizing for the Roman Catholic Church nor are we looking for tame story lines with Hallmark-happy endings.  We want stories that will shake things up.  Enter Choice42.  

Last October 31 (Halloween and Reformation Day) Choice42 released what is the best animated short on the subject of abortion ever made.  Perhaps, the best short film on abortion ever made. It's called Modern Child Sacrifice.  The short is powerfully written and the animation quality is top tier--mainly because a former Pixar level animator did it.  Which, BTW, you've never seen in ANY anti-abortion film.  

The release was passed over by most of the pro-life movement (I know because I did the PR for it).  In fact, it was given a pass by most of the evangelical world as well (I could name names here, but I won't because that's the kind of guy I am).  These two groups had something in common with Facebook. They shadow-banned the release.  In spite of that, the film has more than 700k views on Facebook and 74k on YouTube.  

Eventually a few pro-life organizations were forced to acknowledge the film's existence and paid varying degrees of lip service to the work.  But honestly, most of them don't understand film and didn't know what they were looking at.  

Today (May 29, 2021) Choice42 releases their latest in their animated effort on YouTube and Facebook.  

 This short is not the same as Child Sacrifice.  It's essentially a short promo video to appeal to abortive mothers to begin a conversation with the volunteers at Choice42.  Once again, a top level animator did the animation and in only one minute and fifty seconds the script addresses abortion in one of the most real and powerful monologues you will ever hear.  The animation depicts a strong, courageous mom fighting for the life of her baby.  

Pro-Life Feminist Response

In the pro-life movement, pro-life feminism is the rage.  I predict that pro-life feminists will hate this promo for a number of reasons.  

1.  It calls abortion "murder."  Literally.  

Take it from the guy who co-produced Babies Are Murdered Here and Babies Are Still Murdered Here--the pro-life world hates the term "murder."  The pro-life feminists?  Even more so.  

"How could that be?" you ask.  "Don't pro-lifers think abortion is the premeditated taking of innocent human life?".  Sure they do.  They just don't want to call it murder. That would destroy the pro-life narrative of the abortive woman as the second victim.

Newsflash: pro-life feminists don't like to see themselves primarily as strong women.  They prefer to see themselves as victims.  Victims of mean, nasty, lying pro-choicers.  "I am woman, hear me whimper" (with pseudo-apologies to Helen Reddy).  

2.  It presents pregnancy as an act of God.  

To be clear, God is not mentioned in this short.  However there is one line in the promo that presupposes the existence and Sovereignty of God.  It is the line which says, "You were chosen to be this child's mother."  

Chosen?  Chosen by who?  Not the father, who is willing to drive his significant other and his child to a murder mill but not much else.  The Who doing the chosing in this case is a Sovereign God who opens and closes the womb (Genesis 30:22).  

Pro-life feminists are, in many cases, atheists.  The most vocal on social media are anyway.  They will bristle at the idea that a pregnant mom was "chosen" by God to be pregnant.  Like the creation of the Universe, it was a mistake.  It was a broken condom.  It was unplanned.  However, even atheists can recognize science when they see it and these atheists recognize that the baby in the womb is human life.  They do, however, have to steal from the Christian worldview to explain why abortion is wrong (gasp, "murder").  

Mainstream pro-life organization leaders?  A lot of them are not atheists in their worldview, but they act like practical atheists in how they address abortion.  In fact, they often tell the pro-life world that, when you debate abortion, avoid the religious angle. It's "not convincing."  Its as if they believe that God does not have the power, that the Word of God does not have the power, and that the gospel does not have the power, to change anyone's mind.  In the meantime, God's Word says, "Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the Word of God" (Romans 10:17).  

I suspect that, because the concept of the pregnant mom being chosen is brief and not expanded upon, the pro-life world will give it a pass.  I know this much: those who contact Choice42 through their platforms to get counsel on abortion will hear a full explanation of the gospel.  And they won't wait to spring a weakened version of it on them in post-abortive counseling.  

Pro-Choice Feminist Response

Pro-choice feminists will hate the film for the same reasons.  Add to it the following:

1.  The animated mom in this promo fights for her baby.  She fights against all of the pro-choice arguments that seek to imprison her and murder her baby.  In the end, she wins and overcomes the lies and her circumstances.  

By the way, mom, you know that people DO overcome their circumstances, right?  There are single moms who work hard, sacrifice, and fight for their kids?  In fact, every single mom does those things.  Unless you choose to murder your baby because "you're not ready."  

Here's another newsflash: life is not about you.  It's about God and His glory.  He calls you to love others as you love yourself.  In this case, the "other" you need to love is your son or your daughter who lives in your womb.  Love him.  Love her.  More than you love yourself.  Seinfeld was wrong.  He said, "Hey, after all, it's all about me."  That’s a funny joke, but a terrible philosophy of life.  

Imagine: feminists upset because this promo depicts a strong woman.  The irony is too delicious to miss.  

2.  Pro-choice feminists hate everything.  They hate men (unless they castrate themselves and become women), they hate babies, they hate families, they hate conservatives, they hate this article, they hate the only God who exists (the God of the Bible).  They are haters.  They will hate this promo.  No surprises there.  

Laura Klassen is bringing a whole series of animated shorts of this quality to LOOR. 5-6 minutes long and animated with the kind of quality that you see in her recent work.  When you subscribe you will be able to support this kind of beautiful, ground-breaking and disruptive work.  

If you will invest with us you can help us build the platform that it takes to deliver this level of art to the world.  It's not cheap to build a Netflix competitor.  We are not a non-profit (Choice42 is).  We expect to provide a platform for non-profits, as well as other content creators. A platform that won’t shadow ban truth tellers.   We expect to build a platform that cannot be cancelled.  That takes money and lots of it.  If you are accredited to invest $50k or more, you need to contact us.  This is your opportunity to get in on the ground floor.