Trump Gets “Story” Even If Republicans Don’t

One of the battles we are fighting at Loor is educating conservatives on the power of story over facts and data.
Image courtesy of Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

One of the battles we are fighting at Loor is educating conservatives on the power of story over facts and data.

Facts and data can DRIVE the story, so it’s not entirely a straight dichotomy—based storytelling tells true and beautiful stories.  

Like it or not, former President Donald Trump rescued an insanely boring (and crowded) presidential race in 2016. As it stands at the moment, he looks to do it all over again in 2024.  

I put story in air-quotes here because it’s not so much that Trump understands this perfectly, but what he DOES understand better than the people who vote for him is the power of entertainment.  Look at his entire history of friendship (and marriages) with celebrities and his reality TV background.  

More to the point, look at how entertaining he is as a candidate and as a president.  

CNN thought that they would stage a town hall and shame him on national TV and instead, the story is that he embarrassed CNN on their own turf even though he’s been indicted, impeached, and blamed for an insurrection.  They used to say Bill Clinton was covered with Teflon—Trump IS Teflon.  Simply because he is…so…darn…funny.  

And if you don’t like RINOs or media elites, NO ONE is more fun to watch than Donald J. Trump.  Even if you held your nose when you voted for him.

Face it. He got people to the voting booths who do not usually go and he got people on the other side to go to the voting booths who are dead!  Or who hated him so much that they voted for Biden twice!  Even though Biden never campaigned.  From a basement?!  

Trump wins because he’s an entertainer at heart.  He understands this fact better than the neo-con. Facts and data, talking-head investors who are investing in echo chambers (talking head news shows and social media platforms for those who love them) are not telling better stories.  

(But hey, it sells a lot of gold bullion and ready-to-eat meals for your underground bunker.)

And he wins even though the Hollywood elites hate his guts.

They hate him because they ain’t him. He’s better at entertaining than they are.  And the average voter could not care less about a Hollywood elite.  

What would it take to get them to awaken out of their slumber?  If The Trump Organization doesn’t do it, I do not think anything will.  

This is your wake-up call.  

Trump’s success is demonstrating the power of entertainment.  Specifically, the power of an entertaining narrative, executed well. The conservative platforms do not get it.  The investors who DO get it stand to profit if the model is new, exciting and well executed.  

Well, whaddayaknow?  

There IS such a platform. If you are an accredited investor, “opportunity” is spelled