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I want to tell you about some of our upcoming movies and shows.
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You’ve seen our current lineup, and perhaps you have not signed up because you aren’t sure if any of it is for you.

But I want to tell you about some of our upcoming movies and shows so you can see that, by funding this content, you aren’t just funding this content, you are building a content machine, and we have a lot in the pipeline.

Perhaps you are waiting around for sci-fi that knows God is the answer and not more government? We have near-future dystopian sci-fi about the government takeover of child-rearing and far further dystopian sci-fi about the breakdown and rebuilding of society. We have intergalactic sci-fi and inter-dimensional sci-fi and post-apocalyptic horror sci-fi all just waiting to be funded.

Maybe comedy is your bag, baby, but you’re tired of being the butt of jokes because you’re conservative and Christian? We have a family sitcom, a teen comedy, sketch comedy, stand-up comedy, political comedy, patriotic comedy, big-hearted family comedy, and adult animation ready to punch Rick and Morty right in the kisser just waiting for this round to finish.

Do you love to be moved by a great drama? We have award-winning dramas about the struggle to forgive and the joy that comes with walking away from bitterness. We have multi-generational family drama. We have stories about leaving the KKK for Christianity, political dramas about the toll standing for truth and righteousness in the civil sphere takes on a marriage. And drama set in the ancient world that takes the worldview of the Bible seriously!

Are you looking for stories of real people in the real world? We have reality shows and documentaries about men refusing to go along with the effeminization of our culture, about spies bringing down evil empires, about the methods cults use to recruit, about the inner workings of pro-wrestling, and about the archeology that continues to grow our understanding of the Old Testament.

And we have more children’s content coming too! A cartoon to help build our boys into the knights of the next generation. A cartoon that will help young people engage with the Bible and remember its stories.

Maybe you and your teens like to be scared out of your wits without being told to not fear God? We have youth group horror, we have zombie horror, we have comedy horror with all of the jump scares that your teenagers crave without any of the assumptions of nihilism or nudity.

We have great content in the pipeline--we just need to get it built! All with the promise that there will never be any nudity or any content that encourages or promotes blasphemy. High quality content that supports conservative principles and is high quality. So I hope that you will jump in and help us build the streaming service that you want.

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