Eat the Rich

There is a prevailing attitude, even amongst conservative Christians, that the passengers on board that submarine, somehow deserve it.
Image courtesy of Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

No, we’re not cannibals. But it’s pretty clear that our society is directly descended from the Donner Party.  

[For those who went to government schools over the last 30 years: they were cannibals.]

I call as my first witness: the social media response to the news of the lost Titanic tourist mini-sub and the tragic deaths of all of those aboard.  I won’t share the jokes or the memes that have been flying around since the story broke.

Face facts: we live in a culture of death and destruction. We love it.  There’s nothing better than when the rich die and go to their reward.  Heaven, Hell, whatevah.  

And now that the fate of the OceanGate submersible has been verified, it hasn’t gotten any better.

Not only is the press pontificating on comparisons between the passengers on the sub and immigrants who perish on their ocean journeys, but there is a prevailing attitude, even amongst conservative Christians, that they somehow deserve it.

Please stand, bow your collective heads and pray with me…“Good riddance.”  

“Our Father, Who art in Heaven, thank You that You did not make me like that rich guy and his 19 year old son.”

Why?  What have they done?  

They have built companies. Invested and made money. Employed people. Explored the depths of the ocean.  

Damned colonizers.  Mow down those “tall poppies.”  

Before anyone knew that there were a couple of Pakistanis on board, the woke left rejoiced over the potential demise of rich white people.  Awwwwwwkward.  

It’s no wonder that 70% of the American population supports abortion in the first trimester and doesn’t mind killing off a few children (in IVF) to get the one they really want.

Or why the John Wick movies are so popular.

[Newsflash, pro-lifers: you’re NOT winning.  Not on any level.  Born or pre-born. ]

The Appetizer

You don’t have to celebrate the deaths of rich people to enjoy this feast.  Whet your palate on anyone who aspires to anything more than welfare.  

All you have to do is jealously guard the walls of the evangelical ghetto with blood-sucking vampires who wrestle anyone off the wall who is trying to crawl out by the sweat of their own brow and suck the soul out of them.  

Try building a start-up that involves freeing filmmakers, empowering subscribers and profiting investors and there is sure to be some ultra-pietist around the corner waiting to pounce. They will remind you that success is not your part in life. They KNOW the mind of God on this and are quite sure it is His will for you and your family to collect food stamps and live without insurance.  

And then there are the omnipresent (little “o”) naysayers who want a no-muss, no-fuss streaming service with every bell, whistle and plug-in app without the process of building it.  The same people who used to mail DVD’s back to Netflix every week.  

Imagine if they had to “be kind and rewind” at Blockbuster?  The humanity!

All of these conservative Christians sound an awful lot like dyed-in-the wool-Marxists, sucking on the teat of the work of the evil capitalists who want something more than a bread line and Pureflix.

Or maybe they sound more like they’ve been used to getting something for nothing.  The best thing that could happen is if our 501(c)3 statuses dried up and blew away. Maybe it would get us out of the non-profit mentality.

But it’s ok.  If we succeed and then fail miserably and die, the neo-cons won’t starve.

You can always eat the rich.