Black Widow, Quiet Place 2, Suicide Squad & Free Guy

What do the films Black Widow, Quiet Place 2, Suicide Squad and Free Guy all have in common?
Image courtesy of Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

What do the films Black Widow, Quiet Place 2, Suicide Squad and Free Guy all have in common?

In addition to their release in 2021, it’s their audience demographic.  As per usual, the big spenders on film have been single men aged 18-34.  Suicide Squad and Free Guy have probably been impacted by the Delta craze, but the other films have done pretty well in a pandemic year.

Nevertheless, in big cities, where the local tyrants have mandated the stab for participation in all things cultural, like, oh say, watching movies in public places with other people—movie theater owners are understandably nervous.

Families aren’t coming back to the theaters.  Witness Clifford the Big Red Dog’s rescheduling, for example.  

In the Christian investment world, one might be tempted to spend big on PPE and the stab.  But if you’re going to find a need and fill it, look no further than films marketed to single men aged 18-34.  

Ya know, the demographic which might like a sit-com called The PK’s with a rapper named Sho Baraka…

Or a docu-series called Dark Holler on demon possession in West Virginia…

Or an Irish zombie apocalypse comedy called Follow the Dead…

Something like that.  Just to name the projects we are able to announce so far.  Ooh, there are some coming up that will shock everyone’s system, BTW.

[That’s not to say we won’t have something for the ladies.  CHOICE42’s Disney-level animated series EXPOSED project with voice over from Kevin Sorbo will reach that demographic as well.]

But the target is the millennial\Gen-Z single male.  A target which, by the way, most faith-based films have not even made a serious attempt at marketing.  

You know faith-based film?  Low budget, big returns?  THAT faith-based film world is waiting for a streaming service to address THAT demographic.  Our content and our method of distribution and funding will do just that.  

The fact that it’s streaming in a world that seems bent on creating a culture of isolation in our houses?   It’s icing on the cake.

If I was an investor who had an accredited $50k to invest I know where I’d be writing that check.  And it wouldn’t be for another service that streams knock-off Hallmark flicks.