Bible Translations, Pedophiles & Homosexuals

What do pedophiles, homosexuals and Bible translations have in common?
Image courtesy of Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

What do pedophiles, homosexuals and Bible translations have in common?

The Bible translation is the new fall guy for the LGBTQ agenda. There's a new film out about the 1946 RSV translation. In it, the activists who made the film claim that  "homosexual" in 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 is errant.

The argument appears to be that it should be something more akin to "pedophile."

Therefore, these scholars without a moral compass make a distinction without a difference.  Pedophilia and homosexuality are inextricably linked. Their perversions are related, and we're not talking about second cousins.

Before you start spewing rainbows out of every gland, let's consider the evidence.

Derrick Jensen's YouTube video Queer Theory Jeopardy (language warning) exposes this masterfully, but you have to navigate through the shouts of triggered snowflakes in the video.  It's worth it. Jensen confronts his class with the fact that Foucault, Gayle Rubin (who wrote the founding document on Queer Theory also said that pedophilia was like a preference for spicy food), and Jude Butler (who believes that there are forms of incest that are not traumatic) were all in favor of pedophilia.  He finished by pointing out that NO queer theorist has ever spoken out against it.

When Hollywood elites force their depraved worldview on your family through TV and film, their end game is not mere tolerance or acceptance. They want further depravity.  When the San Francisco Gay Men's Choir says they're coming for your children, it's not to play a game of Connect Four.

A Christian's streaming service should reflect at least something of the Christian worldview.  That's not too much to ask. The content doesn't need a cheesy altar call or a thinly veiled sermon to be Christian. These days, if it's not sexualizing your children, it's a victory.

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