The King's Armor

We believe the best antidote for propaganda is art that is True, Good, and Beautiful.
Image courtesy of Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

You may have read our recent article about the Mormon connections to The Chosen, more specifically VidAngel. A lot of people got confused about our message, thinking we were saying that The Chosen cannot be a good series if it was created by Mormons.

Not the case at all. In fact, anyone that knows the team behind LOOR knows we believe that pagans can make great content. The Mandalorian is a good example of that.

The point of the article is actually deeper than that. Media outlets have influence. The people who tell the best stories become leaders. Liberals have known this for years, and for them, stories should all be propaganda. Conservatives responded that facts don't care about feelings and brought statistics to a story fight...and lost.

The Mormons have spent significant money on BYUtv, VidAngel, and other media ventures as a means to obtain mainstream credibility and get into your family's living room because they understand what is going on. Hollywood snuck in homosexuality and is now forcing it into every production. Mormon's are starting to do that with their media ventures. This was proven beyond any doubt by The Chosen hosting a worship special for Christmas with Evangelical and Mormon artists combined.

The purpose of the article in question was not a commentary on the quality of The Chosen. Watch it and enjoy it. our article was a statement as to the platform's POWER. The success of The Chosen is the very reason why VidAngel needs a competitor that has a firm understanding of who Jesus actually is and wants to build a media powerhouse that doesn't just reach Evangelicals, but can reach the entire world.

In order to build that media powerhouse, LOOR has to be very clear about our intentions now as we gather investors with a backbone. Investors that know exactly our mission: infiltration with a battering ram. To hide our intentions would attract investors that eventually clamp down on content to gain mainstream credibility. Or it would attract investors we later find out are woke and demand that we be, too. We have no desire to lie to our investors about what they are putting their money into.

We cannot put on the king's armor. It doesn't fit us. We believe the best antidote for propaganda is art that is True, Good, and Beautiful. Screw respectability. Screw mainstream credibility. That stream is flowing into the gutter anyway. Excellent art, excellent stories, build themselves an audience because the truth, beautifully told, leaves freedom in its wake.

This is our firm belief: Hollywood, as a whole, are uncircumcised Philistines. Christian Media, up to this point, has been Saul. The only way to win is to be the small shepherd boy that is mocked by the giants. It cannot be done without faith. So the crazier we appear to the world, the better.

People bet against David, and they lost big time.

But those that bet on that little shepherd, chased the Philistines off the field and were left with the plunder.