SNL’s Goober the Clown Skit Sucked: Here’s Why

By now you may have heard about Saturday Night Live’s “Goober the Clown” skit.
Image courtesy of Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

By now you may have heard about Saturday Night Live’s “Goober the Clown” skit.  

Or you might not have.  SNL masquerades as a comedy show and whatever this was, it was not funny.  

Not even by pro-choice standards.  

Of course, the media machine thinks it was brilliant.   Consider the source.  

The upshot is a biologically female clown (assuming genders here, since she was pregnant) named Goober comes on SNL’s Weekend Update to talk about her abortion that she had when she was 23 in light of the Texas SB8 law (which also sucks, BTW—partiality for babies after six weeks is sinful by any Biblical standard, it’s not the job of private citizens to bear the sword against the evildoer—that’s the Texas government’s job--and a fine for $10k for the murder of a human life is not equal justice for human life inside the womb).  

The skit was awkward, even for a young, liberal New York studio audience. The laughter was subdued because, well, it’s not funny to joke about the baby you sacrificed when you were 23 so you could land a gig on a hack TV show that has zero emotional intelligence.  Or, for that matter, scientific intelligence since babies in the womb are in fact human.  

Now don’t misunderstand; I get it.  Imagine the writers trying to brainstorm a way to write comedy about a news item that they really want to go on a rant over.  Since it’s comedy you cannot really rant (that’s what blogs are for) and since we are talking about government sanctioned child sacrifice, it’s not comedy.  

They were in a tough spot.  They couldn’t give it a pass since big media exists to propagandize leftist ideology.  

And the network probably told them to do it.  

So in an effort to double down and go way over the top they cook up this clown doing caricatured clown gags laced with metaphors about abortion and women. It was idiotic. And not in a clever absurdist humor type of way.

They must think their viewers are just as stupid.  

Ironically, the Left is doing the same thing to women that the big-org pro-life movement is doing to them—painting them as victims.  Goober claims victim status because she “has” to go on the show to talk about her abortion (ever ask yourself why it’s difficult for women to talk about their abortions?  If it’s a clump of cells, what’s the big deal? Is it hard to talk about your tonsil surgery?).  Pro-lifers claim victim status for the women because they were lied to (as if they are too dumb to understand that the body inside of their body is not their body).  

Both sides do this while claiming to be feminists.  

The reason why Goober wasn’t funny is because everyone knows that this is SCOTUS sanctioned child sacrifice.  You can dress it up in a clown suit and stick a big red nose on it, but murder is still murder.  

If you want the truth on what abortion is, stick around.  CHOICE42 is working on an animated series (EXPOSED) with a former Disney animator and voice over talent from Kevin Sorbo.  It may be modern day abolition’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin moment.  Check out the project here.