Queer Eye for Superman

DC Comics has cast its queer eye on Superman.
Image courtesy of Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

DC Comics has cast its queer eye on Superman.  

DC has started a Pride series of comics.  In their announcement for #1 they inform us that the characters Harley Quinn, Batwoman, Pied Piper and “many more” are LGBTQ.  In the same issue they include actor profiles of LGBTQ@#+&? who are on DCTV.  

This week they’ve announced that Lois Lane and Clark Kent’s son, Jon, is a bisexual.  He will come out of the closet in a future issue. “The more you know”, as we used to say in the Roaring Eighties.

Dean Cain is not a happy camper.  He shouldn’t be.


So what do you do with this news?  Well, you could cancel your subscription to DCTV, stop buying DC Comics, etc.  

But is that enough?  

Evangelicals have been good at boycotting just about everything from Burger King to Starbucks and Netflix.  

Evangelicals cannot live on boycotts alone.  Loor suggests building back.  Boycott if you like, but don’t do it unless you’re going to build something better.  

The Apostle Paul often said it this way: “put off” the sinful behavior and “put on” the righteous one.

It looks like we are almost ready to close our SAFE round of investment and are about to move on to the venture capital rounds. We seek only builders.  Builders don’t invest in a one-hit wonder faith-based film; that’s not building.  That’s day-trading, comparatively speaking.  There’s only been one God’s Not Dead (financially speaking, not creatively).  Build the platform that makes all of the films.  It’s the difference between investing in Hamilton and being an early investor on Disney+.