Never Apologize, VidAngel

Last month, VidAngel was the latest casualty in the cancel culture wars.
Image courtesy of Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

Last month, VidAngel was the latest casualty in the cancel culture wars. They released a creative marketing campaign using about 700 billboards across the country, a couple of new websites and a YouTube video.  And now their fans are upset.


One of the websites is  I wonder where they got the idea to use the word “suck” from?  (You’re welcome.)  The recent article on the dust up in the Deseret News indicates that The Chosen isn’t reaching Gen Z and their marketers think it should.

The reason why they have not is revealed in their YouTube video.  The film was marketed to the typical Christian evangelical and Mormon audiences. So we are talking the Hallmark crowd: women aged 35 and up.  The truest part of the satirical video (which is pretty good but also a bit long for Gen Z) is when a mom tries to foist a DVD on her teenager.  

Yes, they are still making DVD’s.  And they wonder why they aren’t connecting with Gen Z?  These guys really do marketing?

Dallas Jenkins, the trusted face of The Chosen (moreso than their version of Jesus), has come out with an apology for not bringing the fans along.

And that’s where he really put his foot in it.  

Never apologize to the Karens.  Dallas, you just killed the momentum of your own marketing.  The fake outrage you spent all of that money on (700 billboards, etc., etc.) is wasted if you apologize to the mask wearing Hallmark mob outside your house.

Gen Z likes a fighter.  Caving and losing sleep because a few people said mean things on Twitter does more to identify you with their moms than it does Starlord. Most of Gen Z has one mom and they don’t need two, Mr. Jenkins.  

You’ve just told the entire world that you will bow to pressure from church ladies rather than embrace creative freedom.  As we like to say here at Loor, “Fight the culture with great storytelling, unfiltered by Hollywood or churchladies.”  

And you still think you’re going to grab Gen Z with this?  Not this way.  Any teenager will see right through this and know that you’re just trying to get them to watch content that was made for their moms, even if you poke a little fun at yourself.  A couple of unorthodox, un-Biblical statements from your fake Jesus notwithstanding.

If you’re a film maker and want to work with a company that isn’t afraid to stand up to the whims of church ladies, hit us up here.