Investors Banking on Deloreans

Loor is looking for a lead investor to help us finish out this SAFE round. Do you have what it takes? Do you have the vision? The stamina? The faith?
Image courtesy of Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

Who remembers Back to the Future and that super-awesome fake sports car that Michael J. Fox drove into the past in order to fix his family and then drive back to the future?  Who watched the matinee and, being hepped up on adrenaline, tried riding their Huffy through the mall parking lot at full speed, only to be side swiped by a car?  

OK so that was only me.  But you watched the film.  (Sorry, PTSD.)

Sometimes I get the impression that investors are banking on a flux capacitor to take them backwards in time to correct their oversights after the fact.  

Now that would be nice, wouldn’t it?  

A time machine that could take you back to the time when Apple was taking Angel investors?  When MTV was an idea on a napkin?  When Google was just a spark in Larry Page’s eye or the Facebook idea was being ripped off by Zuckerberg?  

Newsflash: there are no time machines.  To switch analogies, Uncle Rico’s time machine IS a piece of crap.  There are no flux capacitors.

Somewhere, someone is thinking, “yet.”  

Don’t bank on it.  

When you see an opportunity you need to take it.  Now.  

Loor is looking for a lead investor to help us finish out this SAFE round.  We need some grease on this machine.  We have people asking for an app on one hand, but what we really need is the money to hire a full time marketing team.  The app will come later.  That’s for another round.  

We’ve done what they said couldn’t be done.  We launched for less than $100 million.  In fact, we launched for less than $1 million.  We do not waste money around here.  Our dads taught us well.

There’s room for only ONE lead investor on any given round.  Not two.  Do you have what it takes?  Do you have the vision?  The stamina?  The faith?

Most do not.  

If you do, we need to talk.