Hollywood’s Gavin Newsom (D) Campaign

In a recall referendum that will be analyzed until the mid-terms, Gavin Newsom, the duly elected tyrant of the People’s Republik of Kalifornia, dodged a recall election by a wide margin.
Image courtesy of Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

In a recall referendum that will be analyzed until the mid-terms, Gavin Newsom, the duly elected tyrant of the People’s Republik of Kalifornia, dodged a recall election by a wide margin.  

Already, every talking head in the media is doing their worst Captain Kirk impersonation, palms turned upward, asking melodramatically, “But what does it MEAN?”.  

I’m fixin’ to lay a little of the blame on Hollywood here. After all, they came out for this election like San Francisco in the ‘70s.

As the Hollywood elite begins its endless succession of victory laps, there are two things to consider.  

#1. Californians (conservative Californians) have been fleeing the state to places like Texas, presumably over its economic collapse and\or their aversion to Newsom’s tyrannical handling of the pandemic. Therefore, whatever base the Republicans had in California is likely greatly eroded. In our school district in rural-becoming-suburban Texas there was a time this summer when no fewer than 10 kids from California were being registered for this school year per DAY. Before the plague year, places like Keller, TX were built on fleeing Californians.

Look for this trend to grow exponentially.  Rats and sinking ships sort of thing.

#2. California has never been known in my lifetime as anything but a solidly left-leaning state. Leftists love them some tyranny. Socialism doesn’t do well in a conservative environment and for Californians, Newsom must be a dream come true. Anyone else would see him as a nightmare.

The role of the Hollywood elite--as marginal as that influence may really have been in this mess--is worth considering

Imagine a world where people like Steven Spielberg, Elijah Wood, Mark Ruffalo, Bette Midler, Rob Reiner, George Lopez, John Legend, Dave Bautista, Sarah Silverman and Mia Farrow all took to their Twitter platforms to campaign for Newsom. There’s a good article on it on Breitbart by David Ng, dated August 26, 2021 called, “Hollywood Celebrities Rush to Save Gavin Newsom from Recall: ‘If You Don’t Vote NO, Larry Elder Has a Legit Shot at Winning’.”.  

You know Larry Elder.  The black guy in the race. God forbid a black guy wins. But that’s not racism and we know that because…“Hollywood.”  Meh.

In the meantime, never mind the fact that some of these celebrities don’t even LIVE in California.

Now imagine a bunch of voters who do exactly what they’re told by famous people. That’s the third and final nail in the coffin of the recall effort.  The combined intellectual power of the electorate in this nation could lightly toast a fish taco during an unmasked Newsom dinner party at a Napa Valley winery.  

I, for one, do not believe it matters a whole lot what the Hulk or Frodo says to California voters—at this stage of the game, they would have voted for Newsom if he permanently required sealed plastic bags over everyone’s head in place of masks.  

It should say something about the narcissism of the Hollywood elite that they think that their experience creating fictional stories gives them the authority to speak to elections. As Tevye said in “Fiddler on the Roof”, “When you’re rich they think you really know.”  This is why both parties swoon when they get some celebrity love.  Larry Elder bragged about his Clint Eastwood moment during his campaign too.  

Whether the stars and starlets rescued Newsom is debatable. In spite of the Left’s best attempts to destroy it, freedom of speech continues on. But make no mistake. The Left is after personal autonomy and they’ll mobilize the who’s who to undo it. They’ll use their freedoms long enough to steal it from everyone else.

At Loor, we support freedom under King Jesus. We cannot guarantee what the actors and actresses will say or do once the cameras stop rolling. As a company, we mean to fight tyrannical mandates and give our creators the freedom to love God and make what they want. Even if they do not appreciate that freedom.

Sometimes, you have to fight for your neighbor’s freedom even if they’d rather be slaves. That’s loving your neighbor as you love yourself.  

If you are down with freedom and want to share the love, we’re looking for accredited investors at $50k or more.  

Jon Speed, Director of Communications