Gold Loot is the New Crack

Gather around, children, while I tell you the story of a new subscriber to
Image courtesy of Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

Gather around, children, while I tell you the story of a new subscriber to

Once upon a time, there was a new subscriber.  She split her subscription between Gothix and Breaking Laws, with a little more towards Gothix!

A friend told her that she could now BUY a new kind of Loot called Gold Loot. This platform currency differs from Silver Loot because it never expires (Silver expires weekly if not spent) and she wanted to help Gothix fund more quickly, so she paid $24.99 and got another 14,000 Gold Loot.  

She spent it ALL on Gothix!  

After she spent it she immediately wanted to buy more.

However, she controlled herself. Self-control is a fruit of the Spirit, don’t ya know?  It was difficult, a severe temptation.  “Nevertheless, she persisted.”

She admits that she still thinks about it, when not otherwise occupied. It’s an obsession.

In fact, that night she dreamed a dream…

She dreamt that she spent $99.99 and bought 65,000 Gold Loot and put it all on Gothix!

She dreamt that she was the one who finished off the movie’s funding.  

She woke up with a great sense of joy, because she thought she had really finished funding the movie! Imagine her disappointment when she realized that, alas, that it was just a DREAM. Awwww.

Or was it?

  • Someone will be the one to finish funding episodes.  
  • Someone will have the joy of seeing brand new content.  
  • Someone will have the sense of accomplishment that can only come from helping fund content that will be seen by so many others.

Will it be YOU?  *Check out the Gold Loot store here, with its various options and in all its splendor.

*Oh, you cannot access that page because you’re not a subscriber?   Fix that problem here.