Dave Rubin, Prager U & the Death of Conservatism

A few weeks ago, a virtual celebration rolled across the socials when Dave Rubin and his sodomite boyfriend David Janet announced their fake pregnancy.
Image courtesy of Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

A few weeks ago, a virtual celebration rolled across the socials when Dave Rubin and his sodomite boyfriend David Janet announced their fake pregnancy.  The non-gender reveal was celebrated by almost every neo-conservative organization that you can name.  Folks from Prager U, Daily Wire, The Blaze, Megyn Kelly, and so on and so on, all sent their well wishes, re-posting their ultrasound pictures (presumably from an actual woman who is carrying the fruit of…Dave?  I don’t know) and acting like their BFF won The Price is Right.  

Throw enough raw material at enough women and something was bound to stick eventually. That’s biology.  

No comment from the feminists who have worked long and hard to empower women to bear children for the uber-privileged.  They’re sitting this one out because there’s no one quite so much like a sodomite than a liberated woman.  

Actual conservatives who thought that morality was part of conservatism were “shocked,” (I tell you, shocked) that someone who is supposedly conservative (Rubin) of The Blaze would be congratulated by so many popular neo-con influencers.  

The shock is fake.  Rubin hosted LGBTQ podcasts when he got his start as a political talking head; information available for anyone who has an electronic device with access to Wikipedia. Somewhere along the way he had a road to Damascus experience (while working with The Young Turks) and saw the neo-con “light” (which is looking more and more like darkness).  According to Chad Prather, in a discussion with the guys from Cross Politic, Rubin is now the majority share holder of Glenn Beck’s The Blaze.  Get this: Glenn Beck doesn’t own his own network, but an agnostic homosexual does.

No wonder everyone is kissing the emperor’s butt.  

As Kieth Green used to say, the Church is often asleep in the light. While you were sleeping the door to conservatism has opened to moral degenerates as long as they are fiscally conservative (and rich). It’s an indictment on conservatism. We’re willing to surrender the high ground on moral issues like homosexual marriage and surrogate pregnancies as long as our investments are doing well.  

My guess is that Glenn’s investment did very, very well.  

If you have been conned into accepting the LGBTQ agenda because neo-cons are praising it, it’s a good time to assess what your are really all about.  It’s time to take a long look in the mirror. Do you care more about the bottom line than you care about the fact that you are helping to reboot the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire?  

At Loor, we care about our nation’s moral bankruptcy.  We won’t sell (or even offer) majority control to a liberal socialist or a conservative pervert.  If one of our founders celebrates having a baby on social media, it will because his actual wife (a biological female) is pregnant as a result of his own cooperation (as a biological male).  And we’re not going to apologize for it.  

A word to the woke, neo-con crowd—as long as you reject the truth of the Bible, you are irrelevant to conservatives or anyone else. You will go whatever way the wind of culture sends you; you have no rudder and no North star.  Whoever follows you will find themselves run aground on the rocks of moral relativism.  You need to repent and believe the true gospel of Jesus Christ.