An Open Letter to Hollywood Writers

Thank you. Really. We at Loor are incredibly grateful that you are doing your part to cancel Hollywood.
Image courtesy of Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

Dear Striking Hollywood Writers,

Thank you. Really. We at Loor are incredibly grateful that you are doing your part to cancel Hollywood. What better way than ghosting late night TV? We all know the comedians have no comedy without you and you’ve exposed them as pretty-boy actors who can deliver lines.  

Let them write their own schticks.

However, there is a problem.  

You’re not innocent.  

Oh, I get it.  The “industry has changed” and writers are “working harder for less money” and there is “wage inequity in the workplace.”  

With the democratization of film making becoming a bigger reality by the day and platforms like Loor making it easier to raise funds and find distribution in a one-stop shop, there will be more content than ever.  Writing is a gig job unless you are signing contracts with projects funded in the hundreds of millions of dollars regularly.  Studios are not hiring staff writers very often these days.  And unless you are willing to toe the woke line, any gig you get is in constant jeopardy.  And there’s always someone else willing to toe it.  

As it is right now, the plethora of platforms have created a demand for content that short circuits quality.  It used to be that only the best got their material produced.  Go doom scroll through Amazon Prime, Netflix, or Max and try to find something worth watching.  

Yes, the industry has changed. Yes, writers are working harder for less money.  

Wage inequity?  Back up the truth truck.  

There has ALWAYS been wage inequity in this profession. And that is as it should be.  If you can write cosplay fan fiction for Spamazon Prime, you will get a job, but if you can write Top Gun: Maverick, guess what?  You’ll get paid more money because that’s how everyone gets paid in this business—producing content people will pay (extra, beyond their subscription) to see.  

If your union bosses want to stick with this line about “wage inequity” they will have to do it while admitting that they’re not bargaining on the basis of capitalism, but on socialism. They’ve tipped their hand that they are not interested in quality, they’re interested in creating a Hollywood welfare state.  Kudos to FDR.  

It’s our position at Loor that the best stories should win.  We are not running a non-profit here.  That is why the entire model is based on competition. Subscribers have their subscription gamified into Loot.  Subscribers watch trailers, sizzle reel and\or pilots and vote with their Loot as to which project gets made or distributed.  The ones that do not get funded do not get made or distributed—not here, anyway.  

The consumer wins—he gets to watch better content.  The platform wins—people WANT better content.  

The writer wins?  

Yes, the writer wins.  He is forced to write quality content and his craft is honed.  And in this model, he gets paid what he budgets for the project, as long as it is successfully funded.  

Negotiate for yourself.  Keep your IP.  Make a better product.  Everyone wins.  

If you have a script and a director, let us know about your dream project here.