A Zombie, a Boomer and a Millennial Watched a Follow the Dead Trailer

A zombie, a boomer and a millennial watched the Follow the Dead trailer. Let’s say they’re in a bar.
Image courtesy of Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

A zombie, a boomer and a millennial watched the Follow the Dead trailer.  Let’s say they’re in a bar.

The zombie groaned, grunted and drooled over the boomer’s brain, poking his skull with a spork.  

The boomer didn’t get the trailer at all.  “Meh.  When I was your age zombies walked to school uphill, both ways, in a foot of snow.”  

The millennials signed up for updates on LOOR.tv.

OK, so I am not great at making OR telling jokes.  

But our market research thus far says that the trailer doesn’t test well with Boomers or Gen-X.  

We’re not sure about the zombies. They’re looking at our researchers like they are a Thanksgiving turkey.  

Millennials?  They love it.  

Which is the point.  That’s been the target audience for LOOR since we did our first pitch deck.  The film is written, acted and directed by millennials for millennials.  Like it or not, there comes a point in every old guy’s life where they just don’t understand these young whipper snappers these days.  “In our day, our zombie films were filmed on Super 8.”  

The older generations? They won’t get it. And that’s ok.  They’ll find something to like on LOOR.  

That’s not to say they shouldn’t watch it. They might learn something about their kids.

But the people who spend the most money on film like it.  We’re banking on it.

P.S.  So is Hollywood.  According to a recent article in Variety about Free Guy’s opening success, all of the successful movies of 2021 have been driven by single males, aged 18-34.