A Flattering Imitation of Satire

On December 10th, Lila Rose’s Live Action paid perhaps the highest compliment that they have ever paid CHOICE42 and Laura Klassen. They tried to make a satire video.
Image courtesy of Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

On December 10th, Lila Rose’s Live Action paid perhaps the highest compliment that they have ever paid CHOICE42 and Laura Klassen.  They tried to make a satire video.  

CHOICE42 has been doing satire videos like this for years.  Most of them have gone viral (in spite of shadow banning by social media or the refusal of many pro-life orgs to share CHOICE42’s material).

The video, which can be seen here, points out the stupidity of pro-choice men whenever they open their mouths about abortion.  The video points out the absurdity, and the reality, of these misogynists.

In spite of the good points, artistically, the video is a swing and a miss.  

It’s not writing.  It’s production.  

Part of the problem is casting.  Whoever played the pro-choice men aren’t believable.  The delivery of their lines is “meh”.  They’re too nice.  Anyone who has met men in front of an abortion clinic knows that they aren’t that polished.  A side note: they also don’t drive their girlfriends to the clinic (unlike the statement from the last guy in this video).  They’re absolute low lifes.  And, they’re way more animated.  

If we were casting this at Loor, I suspect our creators (like, say, Laura Klassen) would have typecast someone like Joe Jr. (Michael Rispoli) from Sandra Bullock’s hit, “While You Were Sleeping.”  Brooklyn accent, obnoxious, brazenly chauvinistic.  And clueless.  


These guys?  “Fahgetaboutit”.  

And you don’t need to cast four or five people for this job.  If there’s one thing to learn from the staying power of Laura’s videos, it’s that one character can do the job not only for ONE video, but for the entire series.  

With one really good actor, you cut down on the budget substantially.  Unless they are using volunteers, which is possible.  But if you use them, they need to understand satire and why it works.  Acting—and especially satire—is not just delivering lines.  It’s facial expressions.  Looking clean isn’t enough.  Or having the ability to read a cue card.  

Another lesson from Laura’s videos: watch your time.  Satire, by its nature, has to be quick and biting.  If it takes too long to develop (usually because you’re explaining too much) it doesn’t work as well.  

Laura’s best known video is The Magical Birth Canal.  The run time, including the org’s card and a post-video slam, is 01:19.  Live Action’s?  02:52.  More than twice as long.  

And Lila, can we talk about titles?  If you want it to be viewed, “Abortion Rights Are Pro-Choice Men’s Rights” gives away a little too much.  “Modern Chivalry?”  “Pro-Choice Heroes?” Better, with only about 2 minutes of thought to it.  As it stands now, it is begging to be shadow banned anywhere in social media.  Your base will see it.  And those who are already solidly in your camp.  But it won’t go beyond it.  That’s how these algorithms work.  

I for one hope that Laura invests some time and effort and shows you all how it’s done with the same topic.  It’s begging for a good satirical treatment.  It was an excellent idea and an admirable attempt.  

Sometimes, it’s better to let the artistic professionals do their job. It’s ok to stay in your own lane and do what you do best.