3, 2, 1…LIFTOFF!!!

It has been a long journey, but we are ready for liftoff! Loor.tv is now launched!! So what are you waiting for? Subscribe. Get Loot. Start disrupting the film industry.
Image courtesy of Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

It has been a long journey, but we are ready for liftoff!  Loor.tv is now launched!!  You can subscribe here. If you were a beta tester, just go sign back in to your account at LOOR.TV.

Over 500 early subscribers have been helping us test the mechanisms and we believe that we are ready to disrupt everything.  Houston, we don’t want any problems.

This means that for $14 per month you will have your subscription money turned into gamified Loot: spend your subscription on the films, TV series, and documentaries that you WANT to see made—one piece of content at a time.  

You be the Big Tech executive and see how they like it!  Spend it within a week or you lose it.  Spend it all and you earn more Loot!  FREE.

We’re putting the FUN back into film funding.  

And now you can subscribe.  

How will you spend YOUR subscription?  

Maybe you’ll fund Bearly Biblical, the next Veggie Tales, except, well, a little darker and a lot more Biblical.  If you like an edgy Western with a spiritual edge, it’ll be Black Rose Ballad.  Are comedies your thing? How about suburban dads becoming toilet paper dealers during the pandemic (Sheer Pandemic)?  

Something for the pre-schoolers?  We’ve got Two by 2, directed by Greg Page, the original Yellow Wiggle from the Wiggles!   Homeschoolers are familiar with the Wild Brothers—check out their reality project called Wild Brothers: Highlands to Island.  Church ladies, don’t say we never did anything for you.  ;-)

If you’re into cancelling the cancel culture be sure to check out Gothix, the documentary about the influencer—Gothix—whose platform was attacked for daring to ask important questions. The feature film, Your American Family, will tell the story of the Staake family, the owners of Your American Flag Store, and Big Tech’s ongoing attempts to cancel their business, and God’s protection of their family along the way.  These are stories no one else is willing to tell.  

Do you like short story vignettes, a la Twilight Zone or Amazing Stories?  How about a series of similar shorts using chapters from the Book of Psalms as inspiration?  Check out The Psalter.  

At Loor, we love to laugh.  We offer for your consideration Churchville, a series that pokes light-hearted fun at evangelical mega church and youth group culture. In Joseph Granda’s Breaking Laws you will have the opportunity to follow him across the nation as he breaks the weirdest laws on the books and then turns himself in to the local authorities to see what happens.  No Sasquatch is safe.  

Don’t forget that the content we funded during our beta test is still available to view on the platform! Dark Holler is a docu-series on demon possession in the hills of West Virginia.  Teach All Nations is a docu-series on the postmillennial view of the End Times and how that view impacts daily life.  

The animated short, The Procedure (the first episode of EXPOSED from CHOICE42.com) is also there to stream in both English and Spanish versions.  In fact, it’s available for free through the front door of the website.

Subscribe today.  Get Loot. Start disrupting the film industry today!