What LOOT is and how to use it!

Lot’s of new subscribers, so here’s a thread explaining what the heck LOOT is, and why you got an e-mail saying you had 1200 of it to spend today!
Image courtesy of Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

Lot’s of new subscribers, so here’s a thread explaining what the heck LOOT is, and why you got an e-mail saying you had 1200 of it to spend today!

With other Hollywood tainted streaming platforms, woke Hollywood executives use your monthly subscription and  in return give you a gay Doctor Who, or pre school shows with boys in a dress and two dads.

Just a few short years ago, this was not possible because if you found out, you wouldn’t purchase a movie ticket and the movie would just become a flop. But with streaming, they pool together millions of dollars  in subscriptions a month and buy content you’d never pay for.

This is how you get woke programming, month after month, even though you never watch it. Because millions upon millions of dollars of the consumers money are being spent by about 7-10 woke individuals at the top of the Hollywood office suites.

So we had a radical idea.What is a monthly subscriber could spend their monthly subscription dollars funding the content they want to see?What if we used streaming to create the purchasing power and vote that a movie ticket has?This is how we got the idea for LOOT.

Your monthly subscription is divided up by four weeks. Every Tuesday you get 1200 LOOT to spend. This is your monthly subscription dollars, given to you in non-crypto, video game currency. Think of them as Chuck-E-Cheese tokens.  This “silver LOOT” expires every week! So use it!

With LOOT you can then allocate your monthly subscription dollars towards the specific TV shows and Movies that you want to see. This money then goes directly to the creator and filmmaker, not the Hollywood elite.

Once the total amount of LOOT is reached for a project, the filmmaker will receive the cash equivalent, and the episode will either go into production or in most other cases, will stream immediately!Every project that funds, will be available for all subscribers to watch! Even if they didn’t fund it.

Also, if you really care about a project and want to see it fund faster you can purchase Gold LOOT. Unlike silver LOOT there is no expiration date! So you can hoard it like a dragon, or share annoying photos with your Gold LOOT balance to annoy your friends.

The best way to speed up funding is to have your friends join. Every subscriber has their own custom referral link that they can use to invite friends, and when they sign up you get additional LOOT to fund a project.

o that’s about it!Now you know why you get LOOT every week.Just know this. The more subscribers we get, the faster content funds. We’re new and our goal is to get to the point that we can start funding one new episode of content a week to get the wheels turning.We can’t do it without you.

One other thing. Our filmmakers retain all rights to their original IP and have final cut on their shows. We want a world where individual artists own their content and are free to tell the story they want without predatory contracts or studio notes.