The Procedure Reaction

We asked people to film their reactions to 'The Procedure', a controversial animated short. The response was shocking...
Image courtesy of Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

The Procedure--starring Kevin Sorbo (voice over), the musical skill of Aaron Fullan, the writing and directing of Laura Klassen and the artistic talent of animators [names redacted]--hit 1 million views in five days across all social media platforms.  Within one week it reached 1.2 million.  

The real impact cannot be measured in viral views, although it is helpful.  The real impact is measured in lives changed.  

CHOICE42 reports that they know of two babies rescued from abortion appointments because of the video!  There will be more.  They also report that there have been many testimonials of people changing their minds on abortion.  

We have compiled a reaction video showing people watching The Procedure for the first time and filming their own reactions. Be sure to watch it here.

Check out what Cary Solomon—writer, director and producer of Unplanned—had to say about The Procedure.  

I do not know where you will find the streaming service that would be willing to: 1) co-produce a graphic second trimester dismemberment abortion in animated form or 2) distribute it for free on their platform and on other platforms.  

There is lip service to ending abortion and then there’s putting feet to your prayers.  We prefer the “feet” method.  

While our content will include a lot more than anti-abortion content, the EXPOSED series from CHOICE42 demonstrates how far we are willing to go to punch back against the pagan worldview espoused in Hollywood.  While they are scrambling to produce content to fight back against the overturn of Roe v. Wade, we are producing content that will challenge legislators and voters to end the scourge of abortion altogether in this nation and every nation.  

Loor frees filmmakers to love God and make what they want.  We will fight for this content and work hard to spread it.  

No money was spent on advertising.  No “click farms” were hired in this production.  That is 1.2 million views in one week using Loor’s internal, organic marketing.  

If you would like to invest so we can finish building our subscription model and hire a paid marketing team, let us know.  Let’s work together to show the world what true, beautiful stories look like.