Is Your Christian Streaming Service REALLY Pro-Life?

Is Your Christian Streaming Service REALLY Pro-Life? Yes and no.
Image courtesy of Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

Yes and no.  

Yes, Christian streaming services identify with pro-life lobbyists and celebrities.  They carry pro-life films.  Try to find one that does not carry Abby Johnson’s biopic, Unplanned, for example.  

However, if you identify as pro-life and define that as meaning, “Abortion is murder and therefore it should end immediately” then the answer is “no.”  

“Dig if you will the picture” of a film maker trying to get a documentary called Babies Are Murdered Here (2014) and Babies Are Still Murdered Here (2019) on a Christian streaming service (it shall remain nameless to protect the guilty).  Imagine the streaming service turning it down because the TITLE is too controversial.  Never mind the fact that there weren’t any graphic images in either film.  Calling abortion murder is so controversial that a self-declared pro-life CEO of a Christian streaming service wouldn’t carry the films because of the word “murder” in reference to abortion.  

“Can you picture this?”  

Well, you have been—picturing that, as it were.  Your current Christian streaming services (and Amazon Prime) aren’t interested in distributing content that is on the urgent side of the fight to end abortion.  

We are building LOOR (in part) because the gate keepers and the streamers stifle this message: “Abortion is murder, and it should end—yesterday.”  Your Christian streaming service should stream films that support the immediate end of this slaughter.  

It's why some of our partners at LOOR don't identify as pro-life but as abolitionist.  

When LOOR launches, it will launch with certain new, high quality projects that pull no punches on this issue.  These projects are all in various stages of production - unspoiled by Hollywood "wokeness" and church lady alike.  

If you want to invest in content that hits back at this culture of death—hard—then you want to invest in LOOR.  We are seeking another accredited investors for $50k or more.  Email us today.  We are more than halfway complete with our seed round of investment.